The Silence, The Series, & The Season of Sungwoo

A Kansas City Baseball Story, by Chris Kamler

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Release Date – March 13

Rejoice!! The book will be arriving on March 13!!

We’re still working out where you can get a copy and how it will be released. I promised that the first folks to get them mailed would be our Kickstarter backers – but everyone else will be next!

And it sounds like there may be a local retailer in Kansas City carrying them as well. More details on that soon!

But for now… circle March 13 on your calendar!

Ned Yost’s Sungwoo Story

Just how crazy was it last October? The first World Series in 29 years in Kansas City? Ned Yost was flying his friends in from out of town and… well, I’ll just let him tell you.

(Start at 1:28) (courtesy of YouTube, Fox 4 and The Kansas City Star)

Thanks KC Star

2014-08-07 15.30.34Thanks to the Kansas City Star for their write up!


Thanks KayCee!

Thanks to the Monarchs Chapter of SABR for hosting myself and KayCee (Dave Webster) at their annual SABR day yesterday. We got to tell some cool Sungwoo stories and hear about the history of baseball in Kansas City.


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